Vini naturali, nel lembo più occidentale della Sicilia


To narrate a place and the lives that go by in it with a sip of its nectar: wine, the fruit of soil and human effort.  To be attentive and respectful craftsmen, always pursuing a territorial character with the awareness of creating something unique in that it is made by us, without any pretension of superiority: a wine that respects nature and the spirit of the place.


Marsala, frontier territory, the westernmost edge of a land dipping into a limitless horizon. Our land, Sicily, is no place to flee from and no longer the feud of ordinary wines for cooking purposes or blending, rather somewhere to rediscover in terms of history, tradition, typicality. A land where sustainability and lawfulness become an essential part of doing business. Our goal is to make wines capable of maturing with age just like our expertise and willingness, of telling a story, of stirring up emotion. We want each hamlet or tiny land parcel to be worthwhile so as to make simple, neat and straightforward wines. “Viteadovest” aims at being an all-encompassing and self-sufficient farming estate that can support and valorize its territorial expression, a company pursuing its own spot on the global scene to tell about its own land.