Lives interlaced with the roots of our vineyards.

“Viteadovest” is paradigmatic of lives going by on Sicily’s extreme edge, lives that are interlaced with the roots of our lush vineyards overlooking the horizon.

Our company is rooted into the story of a land that has seen its off-springs grow up amid vines as it originates from the merger of vineyards belonging to two families, the Puleo Portellis and the Angileris. The land is distributed on the territory of Marsala and Mazara del Vallo, namely five hectares subdivided into six grape growing parcels cultivated for over a century. Nearly all our vineyards are grown with the “alberello” (sapling) training system, with a low yield per hectare and according to traditional methods. We strive to respect the plant and what surrounds it as we are fully aware that great achievements are brought about by the harmony between mankind and environment.